Saturday, 9 May 2015

Chiniot and Its Wooden Work

      Chiniot is famous city of Pakistan for wood working, wood carving and crafts. If you are looking for furniture than Chiniot is the best option you got with amazing hand work and with different price ranges.
      Well Chiniot is the city of Pakistan located in province of Punjab. Chiniot is tehsil headquarters of Jhang District in the former Faisalabad Division. It is located on left bank of the Chenab River on the Sargodha to Faisalabad road.
      Chiniot is renowned for its amazing furniture work that has marketing all over the world. The finest and international quality of furniture is made in Chiniot which is exported to many countries. This city is loved by furniture lovers and travelers.
Bed made from sheesham wood in Chiniot, Pakistan.
      Chiniot’s amazing Wood crafts are shipped to different countries in the world and admired everywhere. People, from within country and outside the country, come and visit the city for its brilliant work in wood carving and hand-made and machinery wood crafts which depicts Pakistani culture and values. They purchase them, admire its styles, solidity and prices and use these things in their daily life routine in homes, offices, schools etc.

Wooden Jharoka from Chiniot.
        Chiniot has many wood furniture manufacturers and exporters which manufacture amazing quality wood furniture with veriety of styles and sell furniture on a huge scale. Some of them are as follows

     Haq Bahoo Furniture (hbf), which is Pakistan's leading wooden furniture Manufacturer and Exporter. Haq Bahoo Fruniture offers the biggest choice of stylish products for home, and office. It offer Bedroom Furniture , Kitchen Furniture, Children's Bedroom Furniture, Dining Room, Swing, Chesters, Flower Stand, Lamp, Tea Tralley, Doors, Almari, Decoration and Living Room Furniture of excellent quality. Their price is also affordable.
      Taj Mehal Furniture Chiniot, Pakistan was Establish in 1989. It manufactures furniture for bed room, dinning, living room. It also manufactures doors handicrafts and frames. Its specialty is special designs of furniture depicting Mughal art. It promotes traditional art globally.
      Haji Ehsan Furniture Chiniot, Pakistan is also one of the biggest manufacturers of wooden furniture in Chiniot. It offers furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dinning room, kitchen, offices and many more. It has excellent quality and versatile designs.

     Besides the fact that Chiniot’s furniture and crafts are admired and exported in many countries, proper attention by the government is not given to it and very little marketing efforts are made for this purpose. If proper attention is given, it can be a good source of earning foreign exchange. 

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